Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Walk

She had not expected this when he arrived home from work and announced that they would be going for a walk today. Sir knew how much she enjoyed going on outings—especially outdoors—but this wasn’t exactly what she had pictured…

She felt very exposed as he led her along the stone pathway through the park; the outfit that he had chosen for her to wear this day was doing an excellent job of showing off his pet. She tried to concentrate on her surroundings: the warm sun beating down, the deep, rich scent of the flowers and fresh-cut grass, the buzz of bees as they flitted from flower to flower. But she had not expected there to be quite so many people out today. She just knew everyone who passed by was looking at… staring at her. The thought of so many people seeing her like this gave her a breathtaking sense of shame, and she imagined she could hear their gasps of shock as they took in the whole picture: The tight black micro-skirt that just barely reached down to cover her ass checks. The sheer, white silk shirt that was tied into a knot just below the line of her breasts. The shiny black stripper heels that were anything but appropriate for a nature walk. And then, of course, the black leather collar locked around her neck, a thin metal chain dangling from the o-ring on the front to connect her to her Sir’s hand.

Each step allowed the slightest line of her ass to be seen by anyone who happened to be looking. The fabric of her schoolgirl-style top was so thin that her breasts could just be discerned through it. How she wished that he had allowed her to wear a bra! With just a glance down, she could see hints of the dark circles of her areolas, could see the lumps of her nipples poking out as they perversely grew hard at her predicament. 

She followed obediently behind him with her eyes on the ground, watching as the rough stones of the path passed underneath her feet, and concentrated on not tripping. Her gaze fell on the steel wedges that were the heels of his boots; the weight of the metal caused his every step to make a firm thump as he walked. The slightly audible jangle of his keys as they walked reminded her that one of those small brass forms was crucial to her freedom. The chain in his hand swayed with each of his heavy steps, causing the metal clasp at the end to click against the ring of her leather collar. These noises distracted her enough that she became very lost in her thoughts and failed to notice the way the chain went slack when he stopped.

"Good morn..." he began to say to somebody who was passing by, and then she bumped into him. The impact caused him to take a slight step forward. When he turned to face her, his gaze was placid, but he pulled her close by the chain to whisper into her ear.

"Now, you know that you must pay attention if you wish to continue going out for walks with me, little girl," his voice was stern, unforgiving. 

Her heart began to beat hard in her chest, and she felt her cheeks redden. Sir was in quite the mood today! Was she is trouble? Should she be expecting to pay an even more severe price for this little infraction?

"I'm sorry, Sir..." she began to mumble, but he’d already started walking again without another word. 

They continued for a little bit before he suddenly left the path, heading across the lush grass. She saw a bench appear as if out of nowhere.

"Sit," he commanded. As she began to sit on the seat, he pulled up on her chain to stop her. "Not there; you will sit on the ground next to it." When she was settled on the earth, he fastened her leash to an arm of the bench. "Wait," he ordered, and walked away. 

She waited, trying not to feel anxious. The grass was cool and prickly on her exposed backside, and she could hear the sounds of people milling about in the distance. The only discernable life nearby were the ever-industrious bees buzzing around. She stared at one that was especially close, willing it not to take an interest in her. 

Suddenly, the sprinklers began to sputter as the flow of water was activated. She realized with certainty now that he had planned this entire walk; his pace had been very deliberate and the direction they’d gone had been so focused…

"Do you think that you will learn to watch where you are walking now, little girl?" His voice floated at her from a short distance away.

She did not have the chance to draw in a breath to respond before cold water began to spray out of the sprinklers to cascade down upon her. Her already filmy white shirt was pasted to her skin as it quickly became soaked with water. Now there was no doubt that people would be able to see her supple breasts and the way her nipples had grown so hard that her breasts ached. As her mind worked furiously, trying to gauge his next move, his black leather, western-style boots with their characteristic metal heels came back into view. His boots and jeans quickly became wet as he took her chain in hand and removed it from the arm of the bench.

"Come," he said as he started to walk away without waiting for her to stand. She was forced to scramble and crawl on her hands and knees as quickly as she could, her ass completely exposed, before she was able to get to an upright position, fumbling to put her clothing to rights. He was moving with the determined steps and pace of a man who was eager for something.

He led her beyond the bench, across a small clearing, and to a thick stand of trees and bushes. As they were enveloped by the foliage, she noticed a metal post, about a foot high, jutting from the ground in the middle of the small patch of grass that was hidden within this circle of trees. Without a word, he led her to the post and attached her leash. The height of it forced her to her elbows and knees again, her back bent slightly and her skirt pulled up over her ass to leave it completely exposed to him. 

As she knelt there, he began to circle her like a wolf circles its wounded and weakened prey, enjoying the sight of his helpless little pet. At random intervals, his hand reached out to touch her damp hair, her shoulder, or her cheek. These almost caring caresses made her tingle with excitement.

Finally, he stopped in front of her and got to his knees, where she could clearly see the large brass and silver belt buckle he wore. In the center of the buckle was a small golden wolf head. He put a hand under her chin and lifted her face so that he could look at her. Tendrils of hair clung to her cheeks, and mascara was smeared under her eyes. Her heavy breasts hung below her, testing the limits of the fabric of her blouse.

"You look quite messy, Kitten,” he murmured. "What do you have to say for yourself?"

"I'm sorry, Sir," she whispered, her voice trembling.

He nodded in approval. "Yes, you will be.” His voice was growing husky with animal lust as he stared at her. "Remove my belt," he continued.

As her fingers worked at his belt, she could easily see the bulge growing in the front of his pants. She felt an answering tingle between her thighs. The buckle slipped free of the dark leather, and she slowly began to pull the strap from his waist, the sound of leather sliding through belt loops like a warning. When she’d gotten the whole thing, she held it up in both hands as if presenting him a trophy. He took the belt, stood, and moved from her limited field of view. She felt his warm hand begin to caress her bare ass and thighs. The tenderness in his touch filled her with excitement, and she gave a little sigh. 

Without warning, he brought the leather strap down across her ass. She stiffened and moaned slightly as a thudding pain filled her body. Almost immediately, she heard the whoosh of the belt as it passed through the air again, eliciting another full body reaction from her as she stifled the urge to cry out in pain. Each swing brought a clear, crisp smack of leather on flesh as it bit into her. He struck three more times—hard blows that left bright red marks on her soft, naked skin. Her skin burned, but her pussy felt just as hot.

He moved back to where she could see him and returned to his former position, placing the belt on top of her as he dropped to his knees. She could feel the thickness of the leather as it lay curled on her back. "Undo my zipper," he ordered. Her hand trembled as she reached up and took hold of the zipper pull. When she pulled down, she could hear the sound of the teeth separating. Once she had his pants open, he reached in and pulled his hard cock free. Holding it by the base, he placed it onto her lips and began to slowly feed it to her. As her warm mouth took him in, she heard him draw a deep breath of satisfaction.

He took his hand off of his cock and wrapped his fist around the belt. Swinging it lightly, he brought it down on her backside at an angle that allowed the tip of it to curl into the cleft between her legs and slap into her damp, swollen pussy lips. She shivered at the impact, but it made her pussy swell even more, and she felt wetness ooze out of her. The musky scent of her desire began to fill the air around them. 

He thrust himself into her mouth—once, twice, again… further and further each time, until he felt her throat muscles contract around his cock. The hand holding her head stopped her there and held for a few seconds as he relished in her discomfort. When he pulled free, she gasped for breath as he stood and moved around behind her to kneel there. His tongue was hot and wet as he bent and began to lick her, his tongue finding her ass first and circling it, pushing against it. Then he bent lower and tasted her pussy, her dampness audible as he lapped at her.

"Very good, little kitten," he murmured, pausing his ministrations. Two of his fingers replaced his tongue against her tight, dripping hole and were roughly shoved inside her.

"Mmmmm, how wet you really are," he said as his fingers were engulfed by her pussy and covered in her slick juices. 

"Thank you, Sir…" she said in a breathless whisper. 

He removed his fingers, trading them for the very tip of his hard cock. He did not thrust, just sat and watched as goose bumps were raised along her spine and back. She wriggled her hips and tried to push back against him, wanting him fully inside of her. Her attempt to squirm and force some kind of movement caused him to slap her ass with his bare hand. She immediately stilled.

He smiled, then took the belt and fed it through the back of her collar so that the buckle rested against the back of her head. Pulling back on it caused her to rear her head back, bowing her back lower and raising her ass toward him. "Yes, go ahead and fuck me, little girl," he said, thrusting his hips a tiny bit forward.

"Yes, Sir!" she said as she leaned back into him. As she began to move herself on him, he placed the thumb of his free hand onto her puckered asshole. Applying firm pressure caused the tip of his digit to slip into her. The pressure, coupled with her movements, forced his finger further and further into her body.

He pulled on the belt, tightening the collar around her throat, limiting the amount of air she was able to get and causing her body to begin to tingle as she became slightly dizzy, choking. A small moan escaped her lips as the sensation worked its way down her body to her ass and pussy, where it only added to the building waves he was causing.

The sound of that moan drove him to take control and begin to thrust into her. She could feel his cock growing harder and swelling with his need to cum. The pleasure continued building for both of them, driving them maddeningly toward the same destination. .

"I want you to cum on my cock," he growled at her. 

"Yes… please… I need to," she gasped. 

They began to fuck each other with an intense urgency that was shocking to her. Her pussy began to tighten and pulse around him, and her body grew taut. She felt him nearing his release, and he pulled back on the belt harder, yanking her roughly against him as he shoved deep into her. He grunted with the pressure of his orgasm as it erupted from him. 

The feeling of him filling her up caused her pussy to grip his cock hard; she was pushed over the edge and into a deep, rolling, breathless orgasm. As she came, her essence flowed from her pussy to cover his thighs and cock.

He waited until she was done, firmly caressing the red welts that crossed her ass. Then he stood and zipped his pants back up. Bending to her, he pulled the belt from its place under her collar. Finally, he released her chain from the post and pulled her to her feet, squeezing her against him for a moment before he silently handed her his belt. She fed it into the belt loops around his waist and reapplied the buckle.

"Are we ready for the walk home?" he asked as he pulled her skirt down to cover her exposed hips and ass. With a light slap of his hand against her sore backside, he began to walk. 

Monday, April 18, 2016

The Return

The following story was written with the aid of a special person that I have been getting reacquainted with over the past few weeks. She reawakened part of me that I had been loosing connection with. Thank you Little One for the help and the connection. 

Ulfgar leaned in close to the neck of his horse as it thundered down the road through the forest. The heavy breathing of the animal filled his ears. He could feel each beat of its heart racing and pounding as he pushed it to its limits. With each driving thump of that heart and each echoing thud of the beast’s powerful hooves, he drew closer to home. As he thought about seeing her—his beloved pet—his heart began to pound in rhythm with his horse. He had not seen his Little One for far too long.

"Damn those rebels," he whispered, then raised his voice to a yell: "Run with the wind, my friend!" he encouraged his steed, wishing to go even faster. He knew that he was being reckless with this pace, but he could not help it; the need to get back was overwhelming. 

Before he knew it, Ulfgar was passing through a set of large, sturdy wooden gates and into the courtyard of his home. He pulled up hard on the reins and before his mount could even come to a complete stop, threw himself to the ground, blindly tossed the reins to a servant, and made straight for the main entryway. Throwing the doors open with more vehemence than necessary, he began to order the servants to leave for the night; he did not want anyone around to bother him this evening. As he climbed the stairs two at a time, he began to remove his armor and weapons.

Pieces of armor hit the floor, making loud clattering sounds as they bounced across the hard stone. With firm kicks, the items were sent skidding away. The sound echoed down the corridor, and a woman came into the hall to see what the racket was. When she saw him—and that wicked, gleeful look in his eyes—she turned with a giggle of excitement and ran all the way to the back of the hallway, through an entry.

When he got there, he found her kneeling on the floor, naked and facing away from the door. With just a glance, he could tell that she was in perfect position: Her ass was angled up at him, her chest and forehead pressed to the cold stone floor. His cherished whip rested neatly on her back with the handle right at the top of her ass cheeks. Her arms lay straight at her sides, palms up. He always marveled at the way with which she could assume this pose, so quick and with such perfect calm. Her breath came so light and even that his whip did not even tremble with the motion. She was truly a treasure to behold.
Despite the fact that he had sent all the servants away for the night, he slammed the door closed behind him. As it shuddered in its frame, he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror on the back; he had forgotten to remove his helmet.

With a deep growl of frustration and barely concealed rage, he tore the offending item from his head and threw it across the room. He heard it hit a shelf but did not bother to look as the impact sent some of his pet’s trinkets tumbling to the ground. He would contemplate the implications of the noise later.  

He caught her irrepressible shiver at the sound of his rage—it excited her that things would be especially painful this night. Her breath was coming quicker now, and he was beginning to catch her scent in the air. He sensed that she was eager and pleased at the idea of what he wanted to do to her.

He stalked up to her, caressed her tight, supple ass, watching as small bumps began to form on her tender skin. With one hand, he gave her cheeks a firm smack, with the other, he grabbed the whip.

"Hello, Little Girl, are you ready for some fun?” he asked as he walked around to her other side. 

When her answer did not come quick enough, he swung the whip and struck her full on the ass. A tiny yelp escaped her mouth with the impact. The sound was so subtle that he barely heard it, yet it drove him on, inflaming him to his very core. Even his soul was set aflame by such an erotic sound coming from his Little One. He struck her again and again, leaving painful red welts across her soft, yielding flesh. It wasn’t long before her body betrayed her: he could see the way her pussy was swelling, the wetness that shone between her thighs. He brought the whip down a final time with all his might; she screamed in a mixture of ecstasy and pain, collapsing to the floor.

For the briefest second, Ulfgar was worried that he had truly hurt his pet, but then he saw the faint smile she was trying to hide. He grabbed her by the hair and roughly lifted her from the ground, forcing her to stand. Once she was stable, he bent her head back, his fist still tangled in her long hair. The sight of her delicate neck exposed like that stirred the fire inside him even further: he had to taste her flesh. Pulling her toward him, he bent and bit down on the side of her neck. She stiffened at the pain, moaning slightly as it spread from her neck across her shoulders. He bit down harder and held her against his body when her knees grew weak. He could feel his teeth sinking into her skin. When her breath caught in her throat from the pain, he stopped and released the pressure. Pulling back to survey his work, he saw that his teeth had left deep marks in her flesh, which was already turning a bright red. There would be a hell of a bruise, come morning.

With a satisfied grunt, he began dragging her toward the bed. When he was near enough, he threw her onto it with all the pent-up passion and frustration of a warrior who had been away for far too many moons. She skidded and bounced on the soft surface, coming to a stop near the foot of the bed. She was well-trained: immediately, she crawled into her presentation position—the same one she had been in on the floor. As she was settling, he drew close to her, and his large angry presence made every muscle in her body quiver.

The bed shifted as he climbed onto it behind her, but still she tried to hold as perfectly still as her trembling body would allow. Ulfgar paused and looked at his Little Girl, kneeling there in front of him. She was so beautiful, and he loved her so much. He reached out, caressing her bright red ass. She twitched under his touch. He pulled his hand back and brought it down on her thigh. The sound and feel of his hand slapping her made him eager for more. He smacked her thighs a few more times, bringing a lovely red tint to her skin. When the color pleased him, he stopped and took in the sight of her again.

Her breathing was coming in shallow, labored gasps. He chuckled to himself, knowing she was trying to guess what he was going to do next. Without giving her any hints, he slid his finger up the exposed lips of her pussy, getting it nice and wet with her juices. When he was good and ready, he drove it forward into her. The feeling of his rough, scarred, and calloused finger entering her was enough to make her gasp loudly, and he felt her body clench down hard around his digit. 

Encouraged, he added two more fingers, driving them into her hard and fast. He enjoyed the feeling of her pussy contracting around them. He leaned down, his tongue grazing her tight little asshole. With a small whimper, she lifted her hips toward him.

He pulled back and brought his free hand down onto her already sore, red ass. "Did I say that you could move?" His voice was a stern, low growl. The dull thudding pain radiated through her ass and down to her pussy, which tightened even more around his deeply embedded fingers. 

He bent to lick her again, pleased when she remained motionless this time, and he worked his way down between her thighs. Removing his fingers from inside her, he sucked them clean, relishing the earthy, woman-taste of his pet.

She shivered and whimpered as his tongue pushed into the deep folds of her pussy, but he could tell that she was doing her best to keep still for him. Enjoying her struggle, he pressed his fingers against the hard nub of her clit and ran his tongue along her labia, pushing it in and out of her until he felt her body begin to stiffen. Her thighs and pussy were getting tense—a sure sign that she was close to her climax, which he wasn’t ready to allow. She knew that she must ask his permission first.

He heard her draw in a breath, knew what she wanted, and removed his tongue, giving her clit a little pinch for good measure. Suddenly, her entire body went rigid and began to shudder, and her juice dripped all over his face. Ulfgar sat back and watched as his Little One pressed her face into the bedclothes, trembling through her orgasm, even as she knew that he was undoubtedly angry with her. He waited until she was through, until she lifted her head, then, before she could even begin to form an apology, he grabbed her hair and pulled back on it roughly, causing her head to come back, her back to bend, and her ass to lift toward him. When she was crying out from the pain, he drove his cock into her without warning

She bucked back against him, whether fighting against him or trying to get him even further inside, it was hard to tell. Once again, he smacked her ass with all his might. "You will learn, Little One," he grunted. He pulled out, his cock now soaked with her juices, and drove it into her ass. She squealed at the sudden invasion of her most private of parts. He began slamming into her, brutally fucking her until he drew near to cumming himself.

Not wishing to be through just yet, he pulled out. Her breath was coming in gasps now. He wanted to see her expression, so he grabbed her ankles and flipped her onto her back. Now she, too, could see him—could see the rage that she had caused with her disobedience. Her eyes were big and anxious as she looked up at him, but when he pressed a large, battle-scarred hand between her legs, he felt how she was dampening the blankets with her nectar.

He climbed on top of her and wrapped one of his fists around her throat. "Now you will cum properly as I fuck you and watch," he growled. 

"Yes, Mr. Wolf," was all she could get out past the hand clenched on her throat.

He drove his cock into her. The force of his thrusts and his grip on her body made her squirm with pleasure underneath him, and she wrapped her legs around his waist, pressing her hips toward him. Her obvious pleasure drove him toward his own climax, and he quickened his pace. 

"Cum for me, Little Girl," he bellowed as he plunged his cock into her one final time. She obeyed immediately and came with such force that she began to buck wildly against him. He pressed her firmly against the bed as he pulsed inside her, filling her so full of his seed that when he finally slid from her body, their juices mingled to slide out after him.

Before she could move, his arms were around her and pulling her close. He held her tight against him on the bed, gently kissed her forehead. “Thank you, my precious Little Girl," he growled into her ear. She sighed and nestled close to his chest and they both drifted off to sleep.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Teasing His Prey

This is my first attempt at this kind of writing, and I wanted to share it hear. I do hope that you enjoy it.

He watched her like a wolf stalking his prey as she made her way through the crowd in the bar. He could tell by the way that she was walking and the stiffness in her back that she had followed his orders to the letter. She kept searching for him as he watched from the outskirts of the crowd. This would be a fun game for him. With the push of a button he would let her know that he was near. He would control her movements this night. 

He moved closer watching and waiting for the perfect time. As he closed with her she could smell the delicate scent of her perfume mixed with the almost pungent smell of alcohol moving through the room. When he reached her he brushed his hand along the base of her back feeling that gentle curve at the top of her ass. How that single touch excited him to his core. She spun thinking to catch him as he melted back into the throng of people that surrounded her. She was not fast enough. Her nerves ran even higher knowing that he was near. Now he could smell her fear and excitement as it oozed from her pores. It was slightly salty to him.

As he slid further away he reached into his pocket. His hand found the hard plastic form of the remote and his finger searched for the button near the tip. When he found it he watched and waited until she was speaking with another person trying to describe to him the man that she sought. When she was deep into the description he depressed the button. It did not even take the time it took him to breath for her to react to the action. 

Her back stiffened and she grabbed the table next to her as she spun around yet again. He now sought the dial that would allow him to raise the intensity of the vibration that was now building deep with her dripping wet pussy. Her hand tightened on the table as her orgasm began to build. Her breath came in shallow quick gasps. He raised the dial another notch and watched her knees began to bend and her eyes close to bare slits.

She tried to look through those barely open eyes to try and locate him. It was time, he knew that she was so very close to cuming for him. A quick press of the button ended the vibration. He watched and saw that she was now very frustrated by the fact she had finally been about to cum for the first time in the last three days. The sexual frustration was so close to the surface. He now allowed her to see him as he moved closer to her. He saw the relief flood across her face. When he was a foot away from her a single tear found its way from her eye and began to slide down her cheek. He leaned in and licked her cheek taking that tear onto his tongue. 

He leaned in closer and firmly whispered "your tear tastes so very sweet to me". 

"Thank you, Mr. Wolf" she replied. 

"Come little girl, we must leave now. I have much more in store for you once we get home" he said as he wrapped one arm around her waist.

As he guided her towards the door he slipped his other hand back into his pocket. It quickly found the remote once again and pressed the button. The vibrations began again and he turned the dial all the way down to its lowest setting. She stiffened against him as the waves rolled over her body.