Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Gift of a Toy

He sat in his chair, feeling a storm brewing inside of himself. Something that he had not felt in a very long time was welling up inside. It was a culmination of weeks of stress and frustration at work and with personal matters. When one thing happened, it seemed like everything else decided to pour on top of it—that whole “when it rains, it pours” thing.

As he sat wondering what to do with his growing anger, she entered the room. He took a moment away from his contemplation to study her as she walked across the room toward him. He always marveled at the play of her hips as she sauntered around the house, and knew that she enhanced the swing in her step when she moved just for him. When she was clothed, it was bad enough, but a times like this, her unclothed body was simply mind blowing. Her porcelain skin kept his eyes away from the window, and he watched as she drew closer to him. Watched as she bent down to her hands and knees and began to crawl toward him, dipping her shoulders deeper than necessary to ensure her ample breasts swung from side to side enticingly. The firm orbs drew him even further from his dark thoughts. When she was only a couple of feet from him, she came to a stop and bowed her head to the ground. Her dark red hair slid off her back to cover her neck. A quick tilt of her head exposed it again for him to see.

How it pleased him to gaze upon that soft, gentle curve. The very sight of her made his mouth water. His tongue darted out to lick his lips, a soft growl of hunger and eagerness escaping his throat. Her body visibly quavered at the sound, but her arms slid down to rest alongside her body with palms facing up, demonstrating further her submission. He knew what she was giving him, and he was deeply considering taking her up on it.

"Do you know what you are offering this night, my darling?" he asked gruffly. 

"Yes, Sir," she replied in a barely audible whisper.  

"You know that I am not in the best mood this evening?" His voice changed in a flash, quickly taking on a dark, harsh tone. "Do you really wish to feed the animal tonight?"

"I. . . yes, S. . . " she started say.

Before she could answer completely, he was up and moving. His fist wrapped in her hair and yanked her to her feet to face him. His eyes caught hers in an intense stare. She saw a war raging deep within those eyes; they promised her both a great deal of pain and a world of pleasure. Not quite sure which she would enjoy more, she felt her insides begin to tingle and her knees grow weak.

He bent his head and inhaled deeply of her scent—a mixture of vanilla musk perfume and her natural aroma. It made his head spin and his mind sink deeper into the animal mentality that was screaming to be let loose. Surrendering to his baser instincts, he opened his mouth and sank his teeth into the tender flesh of her neck where it slid smoothly into her shoulder. The taste of her skin in his mouth immediately made him want more.

She gasped at the sudden, intense pain. It felt like he wasn’t even holding back, yet she knew this was only a taste of what the night would be like. Her knees grew even weaker, and she tried to hang onto him for support. As she began to sink into him, his arm snaked its way around her waist to support her. The sureness with which he held her steady, even as the beast within him fed on her, made her heart melt and her body light up with desire.

He seemed to sense the change in her, because he suddenly released both his bite and his hold, turning toward the bedroom. His hand still in her hair, he began walking, roughly pulling her along. She staggered behind him, barely able to keep up, wincing as he jerked at the tender skin of her scalp. As they entered the room, he pulled her around him, and, without a word, shoved her to the bed, pushing her face-down on it.

He reached to her left hand, drawing it up to the corner of the bed, where he fastened it to a rope; then he did the same to her right. When he was done with that, he moved to her feet and secured them as well, pulling the ropes tight so that she could not move her arms or legs. His system was set up so that trying to tug on one limb made the rope pull against the opposite hand or foot.

Next, he placed a small rod of wood wrapped in leather into her mouth and quickly secured it with a strap behind her head. He yanked her hair out from under the strap and fanned it out on her back. The contrast of red hair against pale skin entranced him yet again.

He leaned over and bit down on her neck a second time, harder than before, his teeth pressing together as if trying to remove a piece of her flesh and taste the blood coursing through her veins. He could hear her heartbeat quickening, and the sound of it made his own heart thump. He released her neck and leaned back to survey his work. The area around the bite had already begun to darken. He knew that this would the first of many marks he left on her this night.

"Are you absolutely sure that you wish to give yourself to the animal tonight?" he asked in a whisper that held both sorrow and anger. "This is your last chance to change your mind before the games really begin."

Unable to voice her consent, she simply nodded: yes.

"Good, little one," he whispered as he grabbed her hair and jerked her head back and to the side. While pulling painfully on her hair, he tore his belt from around his waist. She tried to remain still and be brave, but her body betrayed her as it quivered with fear.

She heard the belt make a swishing sound as he brought it above his head and prepared to strike her for the first time that night. It whistled through the air for a brief second before it crashed into her ass with such force that it drove the breath from his lungs with the effort. The room filled with the sound of the leather snapping home. Her body went rigid as pain seared through her body. She shrieked into the bit gag.

Another stroke of the belt came before the sound of the first had drained from the room. She squirmed against the mattress, the sounds of her muffled screams filling the air as he drove the belt into her again and again, leaving bright red marks on her ass.

He paused, shook her head forcefully with the hand entangled in her hair. She opened her tightly shut eyes to see his face and the wicked smile that was plastered across it, then watched as the belt was raised in preparation for yet another stinging slap on her quickly warming ass. Stroke after burning stroke found their way to her as she forced herself to watch his face, knowing he wanted her to see. Every muscle in her soft, delicate body was firm now, clenched against the pain. Her hands and feet pulled at her bonds, and she moaned in pain. She tried to pant in deep breaths to calm herself; then the sound of his voice served to remind her of the truth of the situation. . .

"There will be no tenderness this night, my toy," he said in a soft voice that belied the rage burning inside him. He knew her—knew that as he hurt her body, it would help to mold her soul as much as it served to please his own needs.

She nodded and bowed her head in submission to him.

The beast in him wanted to see her struggle, so her quiet acquiescence, while pleasing the dominant within, infuriated this other part of him. His bare hand found her thigh, the force of the slap making his hand tingle and eliciting a satisfying yelp from her. There was a bright red handprint across her skin, and his hand actually stung a little. He shook it, annoyed.

Letting go of her hair, he turned to the night stand, where he pulled a butt-plug from the top drawer, rubbing the end of it with some of the coconut oil she kept nearby. He turned back to her, waving it slowly in front of her face. Her squeals of pain turned to silence, and her eyes widened as she stared at this new instrument of torture. It looked much too large—he’d never used this one on her before. She shook her head; she couldn't possibly handle that thing! Without warming her up at all, he moved behind her and shoved it home into her ass.

"You are mine,” he said darkly. “I want you to feel the depths of that tonight." 

Throbbing, burning pain stretched through her tight asshole as the large implement forced its way deep inside. Her howl of agony was almost a growl as her body tried to adjust to the feeling of being so viciously filled. She shut her eyes against the tears that were beginning to leak out. His belt slammed into her backside again, and she whimpered as her eyes continued to seep tears of pain. Her squeals filled his ears like music and drove him to deliver three more hard blows. 

Without warning, he stopped, bent, and sank his teeth into her inner thigh, as though he suddenly found the flesh there too tempting to resist the taste of any longer. A satisfying twitch as this new pain took her by surprise made him press his teeth into her just a little harder. She tried to pull her leg away, but her bonds held her trapped in a constricting embrace—she was completely at his mercy. Her body began to tremble slightly, and little whimpers escaped from her. Her face was a complete mess of tears.

Having sated his appetite for the moment, he straightened and resumed driving his belt into her soft backside, causing new bright red welts to rise on top of the already pink, inflamed skin there.

Her whole body felt like it was on fire, and she began to pull at her bonds again, struggling wildly to get free. The ropes were tight, though, and all she could do was writhe against the bed. Her whimpers became louder as he lashed her harder, enjoying the show she was putting on for him.

The effort of spanking her began to cause a frustrating burn in the muscles of his arm and shoulder. It annoyed him that he should be feeling any pain—his sub was the one who had accepted his pain this night! He gave her two more especially vicious smacks with the belt, his heart thumping harder in his chest to hear her wail with each one. Then he examined his handiwork—small bruises were already beginning to form on the tender flesh of her buttocks and upper thighs.

He threw his belt down on the bed next to her head so that she could see what had caused her so much agony. The leather looked soft and supple, completely belying how much pain it had provoked. She began sobbing now, staring at the instrument that had turned her body into a mass of pain and tears. She tried to turn and see her Master—her Wolf, but her body was a jumble of aching, trembling limbs.

Suddenly, his face was right next to hers. As he locked eyes with her, she saw the seething anger that had been released from its cage when she offered herself as his prey. She tried to keep eye contact, but his eyes flashed dangerously at her. "Look deeply, little toy; see and remember the beast that has come to take you and make you his this night."

He grabbed the belt and made it into a loop, then slid it over her head and down to her neck, where he pulled it tight. Then he removed the bit gag from her mouth.

"I want to hear the pain as it escapes from your mouth, my little toy," he murmured in her ear, his warm breath sending gooseflesh down her spine.

"Yes, Sir. . . " she whispered in a voice rough from screaming.

His bare hand slammed hard into her ass then, forming an angry red print on top of the blooming bruises. He leaned over her as she squealed, one hand going to the opposite side of her neck to pull
her head to him, his teeth finding the flesh of her neck just under where the belt was wrapped. Her body went tense as he bit down hard, and her squeal of pain turned into a sharp, gasping inhalation of shock. She tried to breathe deeply to keep it from hurting so much, but it felt like an animal was at her throat: his breath flared hot and musty against her skin, and his moans of satisfaction sounded more like growls. Small, wounded mewls of pain escaped from her throat as she uselessly tried to free herself from this beast.

Keeping her neck tightly against his violent kiss, he reached down to yank the plug from her ass. She rewarded him with a stutter of high-pitched yelps. As the plug came out, a rush of wetness followed, pushed out of her pussy by the massive thing. He released her neck and watched as a bruise began to form around the indentations left behind. Bringing the plug around, he placed it in front her, laughing as she stared with dread at the shiny, wet, dirty toy.

“The beast makes you wet, little one,” he growled. He moved to crouch between her outstretched legs, and his fingers forced their way into her soaking wet pussy with complete and utter disregard for her comfort. It felt like he was bruising the inside of her to match the outside as his three of his thick fingers rammed into her body, fucking her. Yet, still her body responded, covering his hand in her juices.

He shoved his fingers once more, hard, into her and kept them there as he bent to her ass. She felt him breathe on her just before he sank his teeth into the red, stinging flesh of her left buttock. She screeched and bucked her hips.

He could feel the heat coming off the marks he had left already, could taste the way her skin was now tender and swollen. He could smell the musky scent of her desire as it poured from between her thighs. All of it drove him wild with animalistic desire. He pulled his fingers from her body, stood, and sucked them off; his cock twitched at the taste of her. He needed more.

Impatiently, he jerked the pants from his body. When she tried to turn to see what he was doing, he reached to the free end of the belt and pulled harshly. She reared back, her air supply suddenly cut low, shaking her head as she tried to loosen the pressure of the belt around her neck, thrashing hard against the bed

He stood for a moment, watching her, his own chest heaving with his efforts. Keeping hold of the end of the belt, he moved to the side of the bed and pulled a small dagger from the night stand. He grabbed her by the face and showed it to her. The handle was as black as obsidian. The blade flashed silver in the light. Her body grew very still, wide eyes staring first at him, then at the knife. Her mind knew that she had given herself as his prey this night, and she trembled. She had no way of telling what he would do to her next. 

He placed the tip of the blade on her neck and began dragging it down her body, leaving just the faintest hint of a scratch. His hand was very steady as he drew the blade along her spine, down to her hips, and over her soft red ass, being surprisingly careful not to cut her tender flesh. He slid it down to the lips of her pussy, where moisture leaked from her body onto the blade. 

She tired to hold as still as she could, but her trembling body was not helping at all. Neither was the belt still pulled tightly around her throat. Any sudden movement might trigger the beast, and she could tell that knife was sharp.

He stood and pulled the end of the leather belt, turning her head so she could see as he licked the blade clean of her juices. His dark eyes scrutinized her with an intensity that only hinted at the mysterious thoughts running through his mind. Her traitorous pussy drooled and her nipples turned into pebbles as she watched him. She was captivated when he very deliberately pressed down against the razor-sharp blade, and it pricked into his tongue. A drop of blood leaked from the small cut. He bent and spat it out onto her back.

The sight of his blood on her porcelain flesh ignited his fever again, and he let the belt fall from his grasp. He heard her gasp and cough as some of the pressure against her throat was relieved, but he was already slapping her thighs with his bare hand.

"You caused me to cut myself." His soft, angry voice filled the room. It sounded as if it were a damnation of her. Then he was spanking her again, hard and fast, and all of her terror was released in cries of pain. Tears ran down her face and sobs forced their way past her clenched throat.

"I. . . “ she wasn’t able to speak. “S. . . sorry. . . ” she managed to squeak out. The spot where he spit on her seemed to be burning a hole in her flesh. It felt as if it would mark her in a way that would be with her forever. 

As the coppery taste of his own blood filled his mouth, he climbed onto the bed and placed the hand holding the dagger next to her throat.

"Turn your head toward me, toy," he said in a harsh whisper, then gave her no choice in the matter, yanking her by the hair. "Face me. Now.”.

She looked up at him with big green eyes full of tears. " Sir. . . " her voice trembled softly.

Without warning, he kissed her with all the pent-up vehemence still within him. There was no gentleness in his kiss this night—just the animal, needing to be fed. She moaned instinctively, craving such a connection with him, but scared by the harshness of this kiss and the frenzy she felt within him still. His mouth tasted of blood, and the illicitness of such a thing excited her, yet her heart started thumping wildly because she knew that, in return, the beast was tasting her.

He needed her—now. Releasing her hair, he climbed on top of her and placed his cock against the tight puckered hole of her ass. She gasped and pulled her hips away from him as much as possible. Suddenly, the knife was against her throat.

"DO NOT move even the slightest bit," he said.

She held stock still: a bunny being scented by a wolf. Fear ran off her in waves, but a pool of moisture dripped between her thighs. Her fear of the blade washed over him, and he thrust his cock all the way into her ass. She trembled beneath him, delicate animal noises rising from her throat, but she remained still, even though he could feel by the tenseness of her body that she was in pain. He groaned, the warmth of her ass tightly grasping his cock filling him with lust.

He began to fuck her with enough force to leave him panting in her ear. She remained as still as she could, clamping her teeth down on her cries and moans. Without warning, he lifted his hand and drove the blade into the headboard right in front of her..

She jumped, a little shriek finally escaping her lips. She stared at the dark handle of the knife, right at her eye level, unable to look away until she felt his teeth sink once more into her flesh. This time, he bit into the meat of her shoulder, just past her neck, and he clamped down as hard as he could. Unable to hold back anymore, she let loose now, screaming with all the breath she had left.

As his mouth worked against her, he released each of her arms from their bonds. Then he released her from his mouth and drew back to survey the newest mark. Grunting in approval, he pulled from her ass and released her legs, rising to stand at the foot of the bed.

"OVER," he commanded in a low, steady voice.

Her body was so sore that she could barely command it to move. Slowly and carefully, she tried to turn onto her back.

Unwilling to wait for her to gather herself for the move, he grabbed the end of the belt and pulled it tight. "NOW," he growled in a silky smooth tone that barely hid his impatient anger.

Choking, she raised a hand to her neck, where the belt was again tight around her throat. With a bit of a growl, she managed to shove herself over onto her back, where she locked eyes with him. 

Her defiance made him lean down, putting his nose to hers. "What do you see, my TOY? Do you like the eyes of your owner? Your tormentor?" he asked as he loosened the belt. 

Her inflamed skin and sore ass warned her to be careful, and she looked down and away from him, silent

"SPEAK," he commanded. 

At a loss and wishing to please him, she began to cry.

"Do you regret your gift to me this night?" he said.

She shook her head very hard and raised her eyes up to him. "No Sir," she whispered.

"GOOD." In an instant, her nipple was clamped between his teeth.

She arched her back, a moan of pain emanating from her throat. Her hands went to his back, and her nails scratched at him instinctively. He bit down and sucked hard, as if trying to pull her soul out through her nipple. The feel of her nails digging into his skin drove him wild, urged him to bite down harder. 

One of his large hands dropped to her pussy and slapped it hard. Her legs snapped shut, then forced themselves apart quickly, not wanting to displease him. Her pussy throbbed as he delivered one vicious slap after another. On her upper half, he pulled away from the first nipple and moved to her other breast. There, he found the perfect spot to leave his next mark. He bit down hard, filling his mouth with the warm, smooth flesh of her large breast.

She cried out, digging her nails even harder into his flesh, her body arching underneath him. Her breath came in hard pants as she tried to take in all the sensations with which he was engulfing her. Without warning, he drove several of his fingers into her dripping pussy just as he released her neck. He pumped into her a few times, then moved down her body to lay between her legs so he could watch as his fingers sank into her. She spread her thighs wide for him. Her hips rose off the bed a little with each thrust of his thick fingers. She understood deeply now that her pussy was his to use in any way he wanted, just like the rest of her body.

His mouth watered for a taste of her. His free hand stretched above her head and yanked the dagger free. He studied her face as he slowly dragged it along her cheek, to her jaw line, and down to her nipples; then down across her belly to her hips, along her thighs, and back again to the smooth lips of her pussy. He devoured her every reaction as she stared at him, fear and trust warring in her eyes. The feel of the knife on her skin terrified her, but she completely trusted her Dom.

He switched the knife to his other hand and wrapped his arm around her legs, pinning them down, the fingers of his free hand digging painfully into her thigh. The other hand held the knife right against her leg as he viciously bit down on the lips of her dripping pussy.

She yelped and began to squirm, her already sensitive pussy overloaded by this new kind of pain. He growled and dropped the knife off the side of the bed, pinning her down with both arms now. Her squirming only heightened his lust. Releasing her, giving in to his feral passion, he climbed on top of her and began to fuck her.

She gasped and bucked, then moaned as his hard cock invaded her body. He growled again and pinned her arms to the bed, his mouth beginning to water. As he fucked her harder, the wolf inside completely filled his mind, his humanity taking second place to something much older and more instinctive. A thin line of slaver traced its way down his chin to land on her chest. He completely ignored it, focused only on the fulfillment of his needs. As he drove his cock into her, the need to mate filled his whole mind. 

"You belong to me now and for all time. Do you understand, little one?" he leaned down and rumbled in a dark whisper.

She wrapped her hands around his biceps, dug her nails into his flesh, and lifted her hips to open herself up, offering herself to him as he thrust into her.

"I am yours, Mister Wolf. . . " she murmured.

As the words escaped her lips, he leaned back and pulled his cock out of her body, spraying his seed onto her inner thighs and her pussy. When he was done, he laid down with his head on her shoulder and an arm across her body, holding her there. It was the one gentle act he was willing to give on this night of pain and release.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Walk

She had not expected this when he arrived home from work and announced that they would be going for a walk today. Sir knew how much she enjoyed going on outings—especially outdoors—but this wasn’t exactly what she had pictured…

She felt very exposed as he led her along the stone pathway through the park; the outfit that he had chosen for her to wear this day was doing an excellent job of showing off his pet. She tried to concentrate on her surroundings: the warm sun beating down, the deep, rich scent of the flowers and fresh-cut grass, the buzz of bees as they flitted from flower to flower. But she had not expected there to be quite so many people out today. She just knew everyone who passed by was looking at… staring at her. The thought of so many people seeing her like this gave her a breathtaking sense of shame, and she imagined she could hear their gasps of shock as they took in the whole picture: The tight black micro-skirt that just barely reached down to cover her ass checks. The sheer, white silk shirt that was tied into a knot just below the line of her breasts. The shiny black stripper heels that were anything but appropriate for a nature walk. And then, of course, the black leather collar locked around her neck, a thin metal chain dangling from the o-ring on the front to connect her to her Sir’s hand.

Each step allowed the slightest line of her ass to be seen by anyone who happened to be looking. The fabric of her schoolgirl-style top was so thin that her breasts could just be discerned through it. How she wished that he had allowed her to wear a bra! With just a glance down, she could see hints of the dark circles of her areolas, could see the lumps of her nipples poking out as they perversely grew hard at her predicament. 

She followed obediently behind him with her eyes on the ground, watching as the rough stones of the path passed underneath her feet, and concentrated on not tripping. Her gaze fell on the steel wedges that were the heels of his boots; the weight of the metal caused his every step to make a firm thump as he walked. The slightly audible jangle of his keys as they walked reminded her that one of those small brass forms was crucial to her freedom. The chain in his hand swayed with each of his heavy steps, causing the metal clasp at the end to click against the ring of her leather collar. These noises distracted her enough that she became very lost in her thoughts and failed to notice the way the chain went slack when he stopped.

"Good morn..." he began to say to somebody who was passing by, and then she bumped into him. The impact caused him to take a slight step forward. When he turned to face her, his gaze was placid, but he pulled her close by the chain to whisper into her ear.

"Now, you know that you must pay attention if you wish to continue going out for walks with me, little girl," his voice was stern, unforgiving. 

Her heart began to beat hard in her chest, and she felt her cheeks redden. Sir was in quite the mood today! Was she is trouble? Should she be expecting to pay an even more severe price for this little infraction?

"I'm sorry, Sir..." she began to mumble, but he’d already started walking again without another word. 

They continued for a little bit before he suddenly left the path, heading across the lush grass. She saw a bench appear as if out of nowhere.

"Sit," he commanded. As she began to sit on the seat, he pulled up on her chain to stop her. "Not there; you will sit on the ground next to it." When she was settled on the earth, he fastened her leash to an arm of the bench. "Wait," he ordered, and walked away. 

She waited, trying not to feel anxious. The grass was cool and prickly on her exposed backside, and she could hear the sounds of people milling about in the distance. The only discernable life nearby were the ever-industrious bees buzzing around. She stared at one that was especially close, willing it not to take an interest in her. 

Suddenly, the sprinklers began to sputter as the flow of water was activated. She realized with certainty now that he had planned this entire walk; his pace had been very deliberate and the direction they’d gone had been so focused…

"Do you think that you will learn to watch where you are walking now, little girl?" His voice floated at her from a short distance away.

She did not have the chance to draw in a breath to respond before cold water began to spray out of the sprinklers to cascade down upon her. Her already filmy white shirt was pasted to her skin as it quickly became soaked with water. Now there was no doubt that people would be able to see her supple breasts and the way her nipples had grown so hard that her breasts ached. As her mind worked furiously, trying to gauge his next move, his black leather, western-style boots with their characteristic metal heels came back into view. His boots and jeans quickly became wet as he took her chain in hand and removed it from the arm of the bench.

"Come," he said as he started to walk away without waiting for her to stand. She was forced to scramble and crawl on her hands and knees as quickly as she could, her ass completely exposed, before she was able to get to an upright position, fumbling to put her clothing to rights. He was moving with the determined steps and pace of a man who was eager for something.

He led her beyond the bench, across a small clearing, and to a thick stand of trees and bushes. As they were enveloped by the foliage, she noticed a metal post, about a foot high, jutting from the ground in the middle of the small patch of grass that was hidden within this circle of trees. Without a word, he led her to the post and attached her leash. The height of it forced her to her elbows and knees again, her back bent slightly and her skirt pulled up over her ass to leave it completely exposed to him. 

As she knelt there, he began to circle her like a wolf circles its wounded and weakened prey, enjoying the sight of his helpless little pet. At random intervals, his hand reached out to touch her damp hair, her shoulder, or her cheek. These almost caring caresses made her tingle with excitement.

Finally, he stopped in front of her and got to his knees, where she could clearly see the large brass and silver belt buckle he wore. In the center of the buckle was a small golden wolf head. He put a hand under her chin and lifted her face so that he could look at her. Tendrils of hair clung to her cheeks, and mascara was smeared under her eyes. Her heavy breasts hung below her, testing the limits of the fabric of her blouse.

"You look quite messy, Kitten,” he murmured. "What do you have to say for yourself?"

"I'm sorry, Sir," she whispered, her voice trembling.

He nodded in approval. "Yes, you will be.” His voice was growing husky with animal lust as he stared at her. "Remove my belt," he continued.

As her fingers worked at his belt, she could easily see the bulge growing in the front of his pants. She felt an answering tingle between her thighs. The buckle slipped free of the dark leather, and she slowly began to pull the strap from his waist, the sound of leather sliding through belt loops like a warning. When she’d gotten the whole thing, she held it up in both hands as if presenting him a trophy. He took the belt, stood, and moved from her limited field of view. She felt his warm hand begin to caress her bare ass and thighs. The tenderness in his touch filled her with excitement, and she gave a little sigh. 

Without warning, he brought the leather strap down across her ass. She stiffened and moaned slightly as a thudding pain filled her body. Almost immediately, she heard the whoosh of the belt as it passed through the air again, eliciting another full body reaction from her as she stifled the urge to cry out in pain. Each swing brought a clear, crisp smack of leather on flesh as it bit into her. He struck three more times—hard blows that left bright red marks on her soft, naked skin. Her skin burned, but her pussy felt just as hot.

He moved back to where she could see him and returned to his former position, placing the belt on top of her as he dropped to his knees. She could feel the thickness of the leather as it lay curled on her back. "Undo my zipper," he ordered. Her hand trembled as she reached up and took hold of the zipper pull. When she pulled down, she could hear the sound of the teeth separating. Once she had his pants open, he reached in and pulled his hard cock free. Holding it by the base, he placed it onto her lips and began to slowly feed it to her. As her warm mouth took him in, she heard him draw a deep breath of satisfaction.

He took his hand off of his cock and wrapped his fist around the belt. Swinging it lightly, he brought it down on her backside at an angle that allowed the tip of it to curl into the cleft between her legs and slap into her damp, swollen pussy lips. She shivered at the impact, but it made her pussy swell even more, and she felt wetness ooze out of her. The musky scent of her desire began to fill the air around them. 

He thrust himself into her mouth—once, twice, again… further and further each time, until he felt her throat muscles contract around his cock. The hand holding her head stopped her there and held for a few seconds as he relished in her discomfort. When he pulled free, she gasped for breath as he stood and moved around behind her to kneel there. His tongue was hot and wet as he bent and began to lick her, his tongue finding her ass first and circling it, pushing against it. Then he bent lower and tasted her pussy, her dampness audible as he lapped at her.

"Very good, little kitten," he murmured, pausing his ministrations. Two of his fingers replaced his tongue against her tight, dripping hole and were roughly shoved inside her.

"Mmmmm, how wet you really are," he said as his fingers were engulfed by her pussy and covered in her slick juices. 

"Thank you, Sir…" she said in a breathless whisper. 

He removed his fingers, trading them for the very tip of his hard cock. He did not thrust, just sat and watched as goose bumps were raised along her spine and back. She wriggled her hips and tried to push back against him, wanting him fully inside of her. Her attempt to squirm and force some kind of movement caused him to slap her ass with his bare hand. She immediately stilled.

He smiled, then took the belt and fed it through the back of her collar so that the buckle rested against the back of her head. Pulling back on it caused her to rear her head back, bowing her back lower and raising her ass toward him. "Yes, go ahead and fuck me, little girl," he said, thrusting his hips a tiny bit forward.

"Yes, Sir!" she said as she leaned back into him. As she began to move herself on him, he placed the thumb of his free hand onto her puckered asshole. Applying firm pressure caused the tip of his digit to slip into her. The pressure, coupled with her movements, forced his finger further and further into her body.

He pulled on the belt, tightening the collar around her throat, limiting the amount of air she was able to get and causing her body to begin to tingle as she became slightly dizzy, choking. A small moan escaped her lips as the sensation worked its way down her body to her ass and pussy, where it only added to the building waves he was causing.

The sound of that moan drove him to take control and begin to thrust into her. She could feel his cock growing harder and swelling with his need to cum. The pleasure continued building for both of them, driving them maddeningly toward the same destination. .

"I want you to cum on my cock," he growled at her. 

"Yes… please… I need to," she gasped. 

They began to fuck each other with an intense urgency that was shocking to her. Her pussy began to tighten and pulse around him, and her body grew taut. She felt him nearing his release, and he pulled back on the belt harder, yanking her roughly against him as he shoved deep into her. He grunted with the pressure of his orgasm as it erupted from him. 

The feeling of him filling her up caused her pussy to grip his cock hard; she was pushed over the edge and into a deep, rolling, breathless orgasm. As she came, her essence flowed from her pussy to cover his thighs and cock.

He waited until she was done, firmly caressing the red welts that crossed her ass. Then he stood and zipped his pants back up. Bending to her, he pulled the belt from its place under her collar. Finally, he released her chain from the post and pulled her to her feet, squeezing her against him for a moment before he silently handed her his belt. She fed it into the belt loops around his waist and reapplied the buckle.

"Are we ready for the walk home?" he asked as he pulled her skirt down to cover her exposed hips and ass. With a light slap of his hand against her sore backside, he began to walk.